Guest Information

The Country Club of Farmington Guest Information and Policies


 A non-member may be admitted to the Club premises as a guest if invited by and/or in the company of a Member or upon special occasions (private parties) arranged by a Member.

 Each Member will be held responsible for the conduct of his or her guest.


Guest Play Regulations

Guests must be sponsored by a Member.  It is mandatory that guests play with their sponsoring Member at all times.
Social Members may invite guests to play golf on the same basis as the Social Member is permitted to play, subject to all other rules as to guests. 
Guests' playing privileges can be extended to the same individual not to exceed once in thirty days.  This does not apply to Member-Guest tournaments. No guest shall be allowed golf privileges for more than two times in any 30 day period, excluding designated member guest tournaments, regardless of how many members may invite the guest.

Weather Warnings 

The Club has an audible alarm system in place that warns when a potentially dangerous storm is approaching.  When the alarm is sounded all golfers should immediately seek appropriate shelter or return to the Clubhouse.

Course Maintenance

Maintenance and tidiness of the golf course is the responsibility of all members and guests. This includes replacing divots, raking bunkers, and repairing all ball marks on the greens.


The Club has available a fleet of motorized golf carts which are operated as a service to Members. Privately owned motorized carts are not allowed.  Only two people are permitted to ride in a cart at one time.  Pull carts are not permitted to be placed on or towed by motorized carts.  Members using motorized carts are responsible for their safe operation and for all damage to carts beyond ordinary wear.  All four wheels of the golf carts should be kept on the paths, and carts should not be driven beyond direction signs or within fifty feet of the green.


Internal Revenue Service and Liquor Control Commission Regulators require that all guests be registered.  Registration books are provided in the Main Lobby and in the Founders Room.


Dress Requirements 

Golf Dress Code

For all members and guests, proper Golf Attire must be worn at all times.  Caps, visors, and appropriate hats must be worn forward facing.  Any attire with offensive language or design is prohibited.  Jeans, denim of any kind, cutoffs, tank tops, tee shirts, are prohibited. 
For men- Appropriate attire include pants, slacks, or Bermuda length shorts that are substantially knee length and designed for golf.  Collared shirts, turtle necks, and mock turtlenecks must be tucked in. Pull overs, wind shirts, and vests designed for golf are acceptable.
For Women- conventional golf attire such as that sold in the golf shop is the standard.  Blouses and shirts should be tucked in unless specifically designed to be worn untucked. 

Denim Dress Code

Jeans and denim are allowed in the Parking Lots, Founders’ Room, Terrace, Locker Room, and Snack Shack at all times, Jeans and Denim are not allowed at any other location of the club.  In addition, we ask that Members and guests choosing to wear jeans and denim to do so with respect and sensibility for those who consider the club somewhat formal and traditional. 

Upscale Dress Code

Unless specifically outlined for events and special functions of the membership, general member dining and casual daily usage of the front lobby, Reading Room, Farmington Room, Murphy Room, and Informal Dining rooms is consistent with the Golf Dress Code as listed above.  While jackets and ties are not required for men, and no formal attire is required for women, a more upscale attire is often present upstairs, and guests should be made aware of this to avoid feeling uncomfortable.
We ask all members and guest to be aware of, and adhere to, the Country Club’s dress code. Club Professional staff has been directed by the Board of Governors to advise members and their guests if their dress is not consistent with club policy, and to deny access and service when infringements are not remedied immediately. 

Private Events and Meetings
Guest and private party charges may be charged to the sponsoring member’s account. The club also accepts Visa/MasterCard/ Discover for non-member usage.  Food and Beverage charges closed to a member account are subject to applicable state taxes and 18% service charge, for non-members the service charge is 20%
Property Damage
The cost of replacing any property of the Club broken or damaged by a Member or guest of a Member, shall be charged to the Member responsible.

Standards of Behavior

All members and employees are advised that the Club has a behavior policy for members, guests and employees. Members, guests and employees are required to conduct themselves and interact in a professional and amicable fashion.  Inappropriate comments, conduct or actions by members, guests and/or employees will not be tolerated.
If members or employees violate this policy, they will be appropriately disciplined, which may include expulsion from the Club or termination of employment.  If guests violate this policy, they will be restricted in their use of the Club facilities as determined by the Board at its discretion.  Members or guests should be reported to the Board immediately and employees who violate this policy should be reported  by members to the appropriate Club manager immediately.  The focus of the inquiry will be whether or not, under the circumstances, the member, guest and/or employee behaved inappropriately as determined by the Board in its discretion.                         

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